Monday, January 3, 2011

Small circles, Big world... Great friends!

After years of running around, never sure where I'd be from 1 month to the next, it seems I've found a way to keep in touch with the widely spread group of friends I've accumulated over years - bring them all down here!

Somehow one night in Auckland managed to get 5 of them from various stages of my last 15 years into not only 1 place, but 1 overworked but very much fun photobox - very clever of Federation to not only celebrate 10 years, but to attach their name to memories I'll cherish for the next 15!!

Anyways, another night to remember, an easy way to achieve that (and a bag with owls on!)...

Happy New Year to my old and new friends! Let's hope we're all smiling all the way thru it!

Peace, hope and love x

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