Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Eagles Have LANDED!

Never have been quite sure where to start with this, and always the news, or moment seemed more important to me than to anyone else - finally a moment of success occurred, in that I managed to get the boys out of New York, and to finish their lives (which hopefully be long and grateful) in "the homeland"! It's a moment I need to share with others, and to thank them for either their help, or good wishes in achieving this rather formidable (as it turned out...) feat.
To you all, many, many thanks!!
I'm going to endeavour to turn this into a way to voice what I think, and share some of the good fortune I've found - either thru stories of friends, fun or other adventures... I've been lucky with all, and as my friend Clio told me (and she's ultimately responsible for heading me in this direction...cheers m'love btw), don't bother with work et al, as people will and do see where that goes, but to share life experience and opinions - for what they're worth lol!
here we go... as always I'm so happy to hear the thoughts of Y'all, and welcome to my rather disjointed, but never boring, series of adventures!D