Monday, September 6, 2010

A Warning?! ... pretty red sky never hurt anyone..

Well I think has been suitably long enough since my last post for me to not seem driven by it lol? Loving the pretty pics I have to share, but there never seems to be a right way of saying what I think... maybe if I practise enough eh?!

My Dad always said "Red sky in the morning, ...WARNING!!" This is what I woke to a few days ago, and unless the message missed it's mark and was meant for Chch a thousand or so kilometres down the coast, I'm just going to go with the "Aw, pretty" aspect on it...

Btw, got to give some props to the Kiwi "can do" spirit prevailing down that way - Just spoke to Mel (@ Portfolio) and she said there have been at least 120 aftershocks since then, no one is sleeping, but everyone is ready to just get back on the pony... Hope there's some rest and peace of mind coming to a Cantabrian near you....SOON!