Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Day Colours!

As is always the case here on a cliff, we're exposed to all that Auckland has to offer, this day as any other... Been trying to get myself sorted to write something, and another of the NY Resolutions is to push on thru the mindset, and just GET IT DONE!!

So, here are some colours we saw in the day, and a few from the eve to come...
Spent the day with new NZer Tazzle and John, with a visit to Trish's for great company and food - then an interlude in the city with Chris and James (Chrames?! lol)... ready to get on with it for a new and exciting year, future, life.. let's see if I have developed any ability to follow thru - y'all can be the judge of that, as the efforts should be obvious lol!

Merry, merry Y'all!