Monday, January 3, 2011

Lutefisk KIWI!

Was never the plan to add my work to here, but I'm finding slowly that there really isn't any separation between my work and my life, and ya know what - I like it that way!

The cheeky aspect of Ella V!

our pool "down the hill"...

Dad always told me, find something you love, to work as a job... well guess it's apparent, I actually enjoy taking a picture or 2, and even better is finding new generations of likeminded souls - Get out there and ENJOY the world M, Ella and Richard (all @ Clyne NZ) - you made the day fun, easy and the pics show it all...

....they just glow don't ya think?!

Here's the link - hope you like!

Thanks to all for a great day, and to Ben@ Lutefisk for the opportunity to show them to the world...

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