Thursday, January 6, 2011

Etown, Anna Maria Island, Kentucky

So, can't sleep...who would have thought you could say Auckland is too hot at night?! I'm sure it'll be different tomorrow, that's how it is here, but when I can't sleep I write - It's always been things for no one to see, but maybe the mould is starting to form, and this begins to be me?!

please forgive the nostalgia btw, and there will be little or no cohesion here and in posts to come, but these things come to my mind when they will, and there has been a lot to remember in the course of the "Adventures"...

I found a pain in my heart tonight, and can only blame a movie that I'd summarily dismissed before - Elizabethtown, which turned out to be in Kentucky, and about a road trip, and death, and then it was all about a journey I'd taken myself - can't believe it takes this long and something like that, to make you cry like a baby, and really know you miss those you love, and never even had the chance to say goodbye to... maybe this will help??

It's crazy how after years something as simple as an OK mainstream movie, makes me remember a promise I made. This is the beginning of an endeavour to make that right - Heather's mum wanted pictures of her beautiful daughter that were more about her, and less about the fashion world she despised, lived in, and ultimately (I believe) led to her demise. I have the pics, and so many wonderful stories of a gentle soul that didn't deserve the end she met... I'm sorry it's taken this long, but to know we all (Taz, Boyd, Della, Brigita, Richie, Cemek, etc, etc) still think of her, and miss her, will I hope make my apology a little more easy to accept...There will be more to come on this, and I will deliver those moments I cherished with her and our friends, to a mother who suffers the loss every day, and more than any of us...

And so to a happier place, where the memories led me - Boyd and I left Kentucky and drove what felt like forever, to Florida and Heather, a magical week on the Mexican gulf, and a town that seemed inhabited by us alone. It was at the beginning of my States sojourn, and all seemed so fine then - I remember we laughed at how everyone was gone because of the encroaching "storm" (that never eventuated as usual!), and enjoyed so much the bike rides to nowhere, alone and unencumbered by anything except our whimsy.... Barrington Beach House, an English B & B with attitude - 10 metres of sea grass from the front door to the beach, swimming in water that was as warm as the air, and laughing as we hummed the theme from Jaws thru the enveloping mist... there was so much more to the trip, but I'll come to that as I find the images... when it comes right down to it, we had a great trip, and the memories so obviously hold still.

just one thing to say - the inhabitants of this journey of mine have left their mark on me forever...

Love you Heather baby, and I know you're in a place of peace, with always that twinkle in your eyes so bright, and that smile to light the hearts of those who really knew you, and will hold you close forever ;-)

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  1. hey David, I don't see contact info on the website so shoot me an email at I'm Heathers brother and was just googling her to find more pics. I've bee considering a tattoo in her honor. I have a good one from London and believe it or not, the one in the Purple dress running away in your post. I remember her showing that pic years ago (i think in the london flat) and I loved all of those pics.

    I think about Heather all of the time. She was my sister and although I felt close (as could be) never close enough and wished I tried more. I was thinking of opening a flower/herb/bontanical garden in Philly but can't because the only person to run it would be heather. I don't have a lot of pics f Heather just a few from London. We never took any in NY. I'd love to hear how you are doing, I still remember Heather talking about you and more and more is coming back to me, slowly, it's been a long time.