Sunday, July 22, 2012

Would you have Stolen this? - Adam did...

Stolen Girlfriends offsite show during NZ Fashion Week took the opportunity to use the internationally acclaimed skills of Post Creative co-founder Adam Bryce, as Style Director for the men's component.... Thought I'd run by and grab a little of my take on it - the guys are fun, and nothing like giving a little love back eh?!

Stepping up from New World, Freemans Bay to Rhubarb Lane (and a guaranteed captive audience), the entrance via Portaloo on a wild and wet Auckland night gave cause for a little concern, but the result was never in doubt - a show that had folks fighting over viewing space, and talking!
Have to credit the ambition also - trust me it's hard enough to get one show running smoothly and well, without transferring runways, models and punters mid way thru the event... 
Enjoy! (...we all did)

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